Why this Product ? : Titanium Dioxide

Since the Promoter of the Company is a Technically Highly Qualified Technocrat & hence, during Marketing of various Fine Chemicals and Excipients, he learnt that Titanium Dioxide is a Versatile Yet Unique Product, being used in so many industries.

He also observed the Quality of Titanium Dioxide, being used in Food & Pharma industries, is not Certifying & Qualified as per any International Pharmacopoeia and any International Food Standards. It means, actual users were playing with the lives of the Human Being, using inferior Quality Titanium Dioxide.

So, motive behind this product, is to make it available, with the Highest Quality & Purity for Pharmaceutical, Food & Cosmetic Industries.

So, we started focusing our efforts for this versatile excipient for Food & Pharma industries, with the Highest Pure product.

Today, after our efforts for nearly 32 years, we have started receiving Respects & Honors by many of Pharmaceutical, Food & Cosmetic Industries, at Home & Abroad.

Actual users, from Pharma, Food & Cosmetic Industries, please do not use Inferior Quality product, as, now, the Best Quality Product (TiO2) is available at a very reasonable price, beyond your imagination. We have maintained the Perfect Balance Between the Price & the Quality.

Hence, please visit our this website carefully & you are always warmly welcome.

The Company :

It was incorporated in the year 1989 as a Typical MSME Venture, and since then, supported by highly experienced Management Team of Professional Technocrats, it has evolved as most Honest & Sincere SME - Manufacturer and Supplier.

The basic principle of company is to work on Long Term Business Relations only, thereby considering the Valued Customers as "Business Partners" and "Business Associates".

The Quality is Non-Negotiable at Bimal Pharma Pvt. Ltd., The Quality of the products & also the Quality of after Sales Services. Today the companyis enjoying its 32th Year of Great Success.

The Driving Force :

Mr. Jagdish Parikh, the founder of the company, is a Post Graduate in Organic Chemistry (Synthetic Drugs and Pharmaceuticals) with over 40 years experience in various highly reputed companies, in Manufacturing, Quality Control and R & D dept.

The Professionals consists of Doctors in Organic Chemistry, Post Graduates and Graduates in Synthetic Pharma Products and Graduates in Pharmacy and Chemical Engineers with an experience of 20 / 25 years in their respective field, including Manufacturing and Marketing.

The Ethics & Ethos of The Company :

  • Non-negotiable Quality with Consistency ;
  • Quick, Planned and Scheduled Shipments ;
  • 100% Efficient communication Skill as per ISO 9001 : 2015 (UKAS) ;
  • 100% Perfect Documentation as per AEO T1 & ISO ;
  • Effective Participation in Technical Discussion with Materials and Production Dept., for their changing needs, like Physical characteristics of the product, like Particle Size and Impurity levels of Heavy Metals in the product & its Packing Size.

Company's Operational Blueprint - Goals and Purpose:

  • Act as "In-House Problem-Solver" of the Customer
  • Give the Product that performs to "Individual Changing Needs".
  • Constantly identify new business opportunities and prepare to March ahead into the future.
  • Growth comes through vitalization of both, the Customers and the Staff of the Company.

Marketing Mix &Tools :

  • The company considers Marketing as "Relationship Building".
  • Relationship Building is only on "Long Term Association".
  • Relationship that is based on Trust, Mutual Respect and Mutual Benefits.
  • The Company regards its customers as Co-promoters and Business Associate & Business Partner.

High Standards of our Corporate :
  • We, at Bimal Pharma Private Limited, set high standards for our corporate and individual behavior as detailed in the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.
  • A standard of Excellence in every aspect of our Business and in every corner of the Country & the Globe
  • Legal, Ethical and Responsible conduct in all of our Operations
  • Respect for the Rights of all Individuals, including all our valued Customers, and all our Staff Members
  • Protection of Human Rights
  • Fair and non-discriminatory Labor Practices

Health and Safety

  • We  provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all Applicable Laws and Regulations.

Our Qualities


  • We are always Honest, Open - Minded and Trustworthy; We say, what we do and we do, what we say.


  • We are Curious & Proactive and are always looking for Chances, Opportunities and Initiatives.


  • We provide high quality, Practical and Theoretical Training to our all Staff Members as required by ISO 9001 : 2015 ; by AEO T1 Status, & now, heading for ISO 22000 : 2018, Kosher & Halal.

Auditing & Compliances

  • We carry out Internal Auditing, Regularly & Periodically, to meet the 100% compliances as per ISO 9001 : 2015 & AEO T1 Status and all International Legal & Regulatory compliances.


  • We always deliver High Quality products, We don't sell products, we are not proud of.

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